Podrška RF-u i SRP-u

  • 22. 05. 2019.
  • Piše: Radnička fronta
Koalicija ljevičarskih organizacija iz Grčke šalje podršku koaliciji Radničke fronte i Socijalističke radničke partije za predstojeće izbore

Dear comrades of the Workers’ Front (Radnička Fronta),

The peoples of our countries live in the poorest region of Europe and struggle with unemployment and labor exploitation on a daily basis while hundreds of thousands of our neighbors, friends and colleagues have emigrated over the last years.

We would like to express our warm support to your effort together with the Socialist Workers’ Party so as to let the voice of the working majority, the modern people’s needs, the voice of real democracy, the voice of the anti-capitalist struggle, the voice of the clash with the EU and that of 21st century socialism be heard in the forthcoming elections for the European parliament.

The peoples of Europe who are watching their living standards getting worse year after year have to combat the traditional bourgeois powers (center-left and center-right) but also with the far-right. Those two poles, no matter how different they appear, jointly deepen the exploitation of workers, restrict democracy and destroy the environment while boosting imperialism and nationalism.

But the peoples of Europe cannot keep hoping about the washed-up Left which does not place the issue of the overthrow of the modern capitalist barbarity or does not lead a simultaneous struggle against the whole complex of neoliberal policies, nationalism and imperialism. The peoples of Europe cannot rely on a failed Left which does not put forward the need for a clash and a break with the European Union, the strategic center of the European capital. The Greek people have had a significant experience over the past years about how the European Union works as the catalyst and accelerator for the application of neoliberal, reactionary policies. It is quite clear for us that it is about a capitalist union which was created in order to fortify the interests of the oligarchs and cannot take a peoples-friendly character. We are sure that in front of the eyes of the Croatian people the real nature and role of the EU will quickly reveal itself and the long-lasting propaganda which tried to convince your people that the entrance in the EU would improve their living standards will then collapse.

We have no other choice. Only the struggle can improve our living standards so as to start living according to the modern needs and capabilities that the development of technology and science provide to us.

It is crucial, today when the far-right appears as an anti-systemic pole, for another pole to emerge in the Left. A pole which will be the expression of the left-wing contestation of the system and one that will promote the only alternative to the barbarity of modern capitalism: the 21st century socialism. Our political front, ANTARSYA, a front of left-wing and communist organizations and activists, has been trying for the past decade to reinforce these trends in Greek society and to contribute through its activity to the broad anti-capitalist struggle. In this course, we hope to walk together with you.

We wish you every success to the elections for the European parliament!
We make a call to the peoples of Croatia to support your militant list! Vote for list 23!
Peace and friendship in the Balkans and in Europe!

With warm comradely greetings

New Left Current (NAR) – Communist Liberation youth (nKA) - Organizations of the anti-capitalist front ANTARSYA