Workers' Front supports student protests in Tirana

  • 24. 01. 2018.
  • Piše: Radnička fronta

Workers' Front supports student protests in Tirana. We hear that students are demanding a reduction of tuition fees and implementation of measures which encourage equality and wide participation of all social classes in the public education system. Croatian students are struggling with similar problems – how to maintain publicly accessible education in an era of degradation of all public goods, dogmas of free market, and endangered social rights. In 2009 Croatian students in several major cities organised a blockade of universities in order to send a message that accessible and publicly financed education is something worth fighting for. Since 2009 publicly financed education is constantly under attack; however, student blockade lit a sparkle. Many here believe that political programs based on equality and social rights can change the course of history. Today Workers' Front is standing together with Për Universitetin movement showing pride and solidarity with those who believe in social justice and economic equalities. We support all comrades who fight for and promote free education for all. There is no alternative to social rights!